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Timeless Tattoo en Piercing studio Ron
Oudemansstraat 194
Den Haag
Trefwoorden: Tattoo, Piercing, Juweliersvergunning, Tattoo ontwerp, Tatoeage verwijderen, Laseren, Tatoeages piercings, Eigen ontwerp
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Locatie van Timeless Tattoo en Piercing studio Ron in Den Haag
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Timeless Tattoo en Piercing studio Ron

Timeless Tattoo en Piercing Studio Ron

TattooOur studio is located at the Oudemansstraat in Laakkwartier. Most of the buildings are from the 1930s. The space Timeless is situated in a former bankoffice, used by the Rabobank.

In our Foyer you can select your tattoo wile having a coffee or some other beverage, or you can just wait for your turn at get a tattoo or piercing.

In february 2012 we re-designed the tattoo workplace, washable walls and new tiling. Every artist has a new workstation with streaming water!

Tatto ontwerpIf you want to get pierced your in for a treat, the piercing is done in the former bankvault of the Rabobank. The vault has its original vaultdoor, wich is decorated by an artist on request of Timeless.

Are you getting a bit curious, just stop by or make an appointment for a tattoo or piercing..

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