TST-Consultancy, Wijchen

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Trefwoorden: Technical Supervisor, I&C Supervisor, Site Supervisor, Safety Consultant, Technical Advisor, Erection Supervisor, Construction Supervisor, P&M Supervisor, E&I Supervisor, Commissioning Supervisor erection

Rubrieken: Constructiewerken, Engineering en installatie, Supervisor

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TST-Consultancy, Wijchen

TST-Consultancy, Wijchen

Are you looking for a Supervisor with many years of experience in a variety of sectors? You certainly came to the right place! As a Supervisor, I am the essential link between you and the execution team. Under my guidance, I will take care and make sure that the execution team will finish your project in time. In addition, proper planning and work distribution are crucial. By continuously looking forward, unexpected developments will be responded in time. For each and every project you can rely on my long list of professional qualifications and skills. They consist of:

Technical Advisor, Construction Supervisor, P&M Supervisor, I&C Supervisor, Commissioning Supervisor, Site Supervisor, etc...

 TST-Consultancy, Wijchen

TST-Consultancy, you can count on me.…

I speak and write the following languages: Dutch, English and German

Werkzaamheden TST-Consultancy

Food Industry:

Veolia - Danone / Nutricia - Haps
Supervisor Commissioning and
Member Operations Team for Veolia
Industries at Danone / Nutricia

Chemical - Petrochemical Industry

Wilmar - Rozenburg
Supervisor Construction, Pre & Commissioning
Edible Oil Plant Autoroute Project.

Chemours - Dordrecht
Construction Supervisor P&M TAR 2018

Thermphos Phosphorus Plant - Vlissingen
Site Supervisior

Oil&Gas / Power Industry

Duba Green 550MW ISCCPP, Saudi Arabia
Waad Al Shamal 1050MW ISCCPP, Saudi Arabia
Burullus 4800MW CCPP, Egypt
Boufarik 750MW SCPP, Algeria
PP12 2100MW CCPP, Saudi Arabia

Technical Supervisor for the complete fuel gas
treatment skids. This during the erection
and Commissioning (Mechanical and Electrical)
Active, Pre & Commissioning the fuel gas equipment.

HVC - Dordrecht
Plant Engineer / Supervisor E&I

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!


 TST-Consultancy, Wijchen

ATEX, Erection & Commissioning Supervisor, E&I Supervisor, I&C Supervisor, Mechanical Supervisor, Electrical Supervisor, DVGW, Constructie Supervisor, Service Engineer, Pre & Commissioning Engineer, Pre-commissioning , Service Engineer, F gassen categorie 1, Koeltechniek, STEK, NEN3140, NEN3840, VCA-VOL, Defensie, Reservist, International Supervisie, International Supervisor, Nationale Supervisie, Power plant Engineer, Petrochemical Engineer, Oil&Gas Engineer, TA,Technical Advisor, P&M Supervisor,
Constructie, Commissioning, Field Service Engineer


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