Alexis Lecho Henriquez Photography, Oldenzaal

Alexis Lecho Henriquez Photography
Hunenborglaan 50

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Alexis Lecho Henriquez Photography, Oldenzaal

A. Lecho Henriquez Photography, Oldenzaal


Alexis Henriquez, born on Curaçao in 1973, received the nickname "Lecho" as a child from home. Most people know him like this. He moved to the Netherlands in 1991 where he started a study of Electrical Engineering.

As a teenager Alexis Henriquez was already busy with photography as a hobbyist in the Analog Era. In 2004 he started practising and studying digital photography. Since 2005 he is more serious working with it. As a result he is working as a professional photographer since 2010, besides his daily job as an electrician.

This passion of Alexis Henriquez becomes larger with the day and he has specialized himself in ''events, portraits, parties, weddings, pregnancy and landscape photography''.

Therefore he welcomes you to his world seen through his lens!


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