Barge Terminal Born / Rail Terminal Born, Born

Barge Terminal Born / Rail Terminal Born
Holtum Noordweg 9

Trefwoorden: Customer service, Eigen douane service, Eigenwagenpark, Born, Limburg

Rubrieken: Laad en Losbedrijven, Overslagbedrijven

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Barge Terminal Born / Rail Terminal Born, Born

Transhipment of containers, trailers and swapbodies
Intermodal services to all destinations

The Rail Terminal is situated next to the existing Barge Terminal in Born.

Its objective is to provide the industry in the immediate area with the necessary multimodal possibilities to transport their continental, shortsea and deepsea goods anywhere in Europe.

The result is a 65,000 sqm modern terminal with all the necessary facilities to handle dangerous goods, reefer cargo, containers, swapbodies and trailers.

In 2002 the transported volume was 25,000 containers (38,000 TEU).

From Rail Terminal Born daily shuttles have been established to the main terminals in Antwerp, the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals, to all ports in the UK, Ireland and various other destinations in Europe.

Services are planned to destinations in Italy, Spain, North Germany/Scandinavia and in the future to Eastern Europe as well.