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Dance Till Dawn (D.T.D) Dancehall lessons
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Dance Till Dawn (D.T.D) Dancehall lessons, Schiedam

Dawn Hook better known as Sabrina is originally from the Caribbean island St.Kitts with Jamaican background. When she was just a baby her mother (Ursula Powell), died in a car accident at age of 29, Dawn being in the car with her mother lived to see a otherday. After allot of stress in the family her fathers aunt took her in and loved her as like she was her own. In the early eighty’s her family moved to Holland for a “better” future.

Dawn fell in love with dancing at the age off 9, just by looking at the dances in video clips of artist like Janet, Michael Jackson, MC Hammer and so on. Learning every move she saw in the video clips and making up her own dances and teaching them to her school friends.

In the late eighty’s she attended a Shabba Ranks concert where she only looked at the background dancers, right then and there she fell in love with dancehall music and knew she would become a dancehall dancer no matter what and try to go to every concert she could go to just to see the dancers. As the years past she worked on her moves in her room, driving her family mad, because back then they did not have “hip hop or dancehall” dancing schools in Holland.

At the age of 15 she got her first big break performing as a background dancer for Sasha who had a big hit “kill the b*@#$” back then. After that performance she started to perform at all the popular venues in The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Germany as the years past she got the opportunity to work with artist like: The first ever dancehall queen Carleen, Elephantman, Patra (JA), General Levi (uk) King Lover and Mega D of RMXCRW (nl) and more various dancehall artist.

Now in her early thirty’s, a husband and two kids later, she is a retired dancer and has her own dancehall dancing school by the name of Dance Till Dawn the first and only dancehall dancing school in Holland and her dancehall dance act D.T.D that was founded in Feb. 2006.

Dawn is finally living her dream; choreographing dancehall show’s working with dancehall artist like: Wayne Marshal, Busy Signal and Vybz Kartel, scouting for new dancehall female dance talent, travelling abroad for shows with her dance act D.T.D and appearing in video clips.

’The list will grow and grow till the Almighty stops it from growing but she will be still lovin dancehall 2 di end.

Quote: Be the best dancer u can be, but never say: am the best! or we the best!
Because there is always someone out there who is better than u in a different way so don’t front show some love.